Auction Week!


November 12, 2012 by susanairheart

I promised an update by the end of the long weekend, and true to my journalistic form, here I am on Monday night updating right on deadline!

First things first, it’s auction week! I’ve been slowly posting the items up for auction HERE, but there are more to go up. They will all be posted by Wednesday at 6am ET when the auction kicks off, promise!

I will also post all the links to the items on the main page so you can access them right here. To bid on an item, you just need to comment the dollar amount using your real name and valid email address. I will turn off my spam filter so all comments get through. The email address part is important, that way I can email the winner and get the shipping address! To pay for the item, you just need to donate what you promised on my TNT fundraising page using your real name. I will get notification as soon as you donate and your item can be shipped in time for Christmas!

Apart from that business, life goes on in my corner of the world as usual I guess. My hair feels longer. I ate peanut butter marshmallow squares for two meals this weekend. Drank beer on my mom’s couch. Got dressed up to go to a wine festival.

Drank all the expensive wines and found a sauvignon blanc I like. Finished a whole French press in bed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Ran 6km hungover on the big hill next to my house. Almost puked, but kept it together. Orthotics make my feet happy, but my glutes cranky.

It was 18C degrees on Monday. I took Buster on a ridiculously long walk on a muddy trail, then collapsed on my front porch. Watched my neighbours shovel leaves. Could have done the same, but then what would I have to procrastinate from?

I also didn’t wear pants all weekend. All leggings all the time.

So there you have it. A stream of consciousness blog post written in 15 minutes flat. Off to get ready for my Tuesday. Getting a chest x-ray tomorrow so I need to make sure my laundry is done in case they never let me leave the hospital ever again. Always the optimist.

This song is currently on repeat:

See ya soon!

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3 thoughts on “Auction Week!

  1. Eeeeek!!!! I need to send you a photograph of an item to donate – I”ll get on that!!!

  2. Haha stream of consciousness hilarious! I wish I could write a post in 15 minutes. or even 150 minutes. This is partly why I dont blog anymore! ;-)

  3. cottercrunch says:

    i love your weekend. Wine, run, and vedge. tha’t life friend! thanks for the auction link. I want to participate!

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